Wellness of Humanity
Our story
United by a shared mission to positively impact the Wellness of Humanity in 2007, Alchemy Concepts was established in Asia, delivering strategic concept design and wellness development.
In 2007, the co-founders built the award-winning wellness brand, Fivelements, as an integrative wellness lifestyle company, whose authentic destinations aim to support individuals, families and companies on a path toward greater health and wellbeing. The cofounders pioneered a new genre of wellness hospitality in Bali and expanded into new urban concepts in Hong Kong, bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts in both resort and urban community settings. From 2007-2020, the company achieved unparalleled international acclaim across wellness hospitality, culinary innovation and sustainable design fields, building new globally-connected wellness communities.
In 2020, Alchemy Concepts relocated to Milan to advise private and public entities, investors and real estate developers toward embracing an integral wellness strategy as the core foundation for sustainable growth. In 2021, the cofounders joined Wellness Communities Italia with the vision to regenerate Italian cities, villages and regions and catalyse economic vitality and national wellbeing.
Recognised as innovative leaders in the business of wellness, Lahra and Chicco Tatriele are active contributors in the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) whose mission is "Empowering Wellness Worldwide."
Our Vision
Designing Innovative Wellness Lifestyle Strategies for Communities, Real Estate and Hospitality Developments
Our Mission
Wellness of Humanity
Core Values
Truth: authenticity and harmony among spirit, nature and humanity — Oneness

Purpose-driven: living consciously toward fulfilment for a greater good from individual to community and the planet — Wellness of Humanity

Love: the language of the heart which unites all living beings; an infinite discovery and transformation toward harmony and progress — Love in Action
"In moments like these, we are given ample opportunity for reflection and assessment, acceptance and surrender. Through this personal journey, we are able to bring new vision to life for ourselves, our families, communities and the planet.

Together, let's build the future for the wellness of humanity"

Lahra & Chicco Tatriele, Co‑Founders, Alchemy Concepts