A Distinctive Approach
Alchemy Concepts approaches each project with a multi-disciplinary team of experts, hand-picked for each project focus. Guided by a creative, exploratory process of concepting, master planning, design, development and start-up, the final result is authentic, innovative and extraordinary.
Strategic Planning
Market Research & Analysis
Positioning & Visioning
Space Planning
Initial Financial Modelling
Investor, Developer, Community & Government Relations

Concept Design
Project Concept
Master Planning
Wellness Architecture & Design
Wellness Destination Journey
Wellness Branding & PR

Wellness Modelling
Wellness Platform
Wellness Architecture & Design
Wellness Curation
Wellness Community Outreach
Financial Model & Projections

Construction & Development
Design & Technology Implementation
Strategic Alliance Cultivation
Structuring, Recruitment & Training
Wellness Communications

Management Support
Operational Optimisation
Wellness Program Curation
Wellness Community Development

Destinations for health, wellbeing & inspiration
Authentic wellness concepts & master planning
Inspiring wellness design
Innovative wellness programmes
Regenerative plant-based cuisine, nutrition & education
High-impact integrative wellness destinations
Expert wellness team leading with passion